EH Series Servo Injection Molding Machine


High quality originates from people in XINWEI whom devote themselves to R&D,production and quality control, making XINCHEN as a global famous brand.
XINCHEN high efficient servo energy saving injection molding machine is famous for its energy saving to 60%, low noise and quick response which is 0.05s' starting up, 0-100% liter decrease time no more than 0.1s and 0-100% pressure change is 30ms at fastest.

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Product parameters

Specification Unit EH19-130G
Screw Diameter mm 38 40
Shot Size(Theoretical) cm³ 256 280
Injection Weight(Theoretical) g 230 252
Injection Pressure Mpa 176 160
Injection Rate g/s 95 100
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 23.4 22.2
Screw Speed r.p.m 190
Nozzle Sphere Diameter Srmm 10
Clamping Tonnage KN 1300
Clamp Stroke mm 365
Mould Thickness mm 150-420
Space Between Tie-bars mm 428x386
Ejector Stroke mm 140
Ejector Tonnage KN 50
Ejector Number Piece 5
Hole Diameter mm 100
Heater Power KW 9.8
Max Pump Pressure Mpa 16
Pump specification ml/r ABT1T-40-4R02-Z01
Servo Motor Power KW 18
Valve Size mm 10
Machine Size m 4.8x1.3x1.7
Machine weight(Approx.) t 4.2
Oil Tank Capacity L 220

Product advantages

High effitiency,Energy Saving,Environmental Protection,Low Noice,Quick Response

  • Pressure responses fast, quickly starts up to 0.05s
  • Compared to traditional injection molding machine, the control system will be 2-3 times faster
  • High response speed, shorten cycle times, improve production efficiency
  • Products repeat accuracy can be increased to more than 5 thousandths, fully able to meet the requirements of ultra-precision molding

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