China Mold Selection and Hot Runner Application For the Mold Tooling


1.    It is the plastic mold China selection for the plastic molding companies. In this part we will illustrate the internal heating method and external heating method for tooling molds in the plastic molding manufacturers. As we know tooling molding in plastic molding manufacturers plays a big role in whole project. Xinchen High standard injection molding machine matching a proper right mold tool will make your project successful of plastic molding companies. Once you choose Xinchen Brand injection molding machine from Xinwei machinery, your wise and right selection of molding plastics will facilitate your factory well running in production. That is why a well done injection molding machine connecting with a proper plastics molding is perfect condition

Internal heating method:

The internal heating nozzle of plastic mold tooling has a complicated structure, high cost, difficult in parts replacement, and high requirements in electric heating elements. Fixing the heater in the middle of the flow channel will produce an annular flow, increase the friction area of the container, and drop the pressure as much as three times that of the externally heated nozzle.

However, since the internally heated heating element is arranged in the torpedo body in the nozzle, all the heat is supplied to the material, so the heat loss is small and the electric energy can be saved. If a point plastic mold tooling gate is used when the tip of the torpedo body is kept at the center of the gate, which is conducive to the plastic mold tooling gate cut after injection and the residual stress of the plastic part is lower due to the late condensation of the plastics molding gate.

External heating method:

The use of external heating nozzles of plastics molding can eliminate cold film and reduce pressure loss. At the same time, due to its simple structure, convenient processing, and accurate control when thermocouple installed in the middle of the nozzle, it has been widely used in production at present.  However, the heat loss of the externally heated nozzle is relatively large, which is not as energy-saving as the internally heated nozzle of plastic injection moldings.

2.    Gate design in plastic injection mold parts for injection

molding machine is also essential.

The design and selection of gates in plastic injection mold parts directly affect the quality of plastic parts. When applying in the hot runner system for mold and tooling, the appropriate gate form should be selected according to the resin's flow properties, plastics molding temperature and product quality requirements to prevent drooling, dripping, material leakage and poor color change.

3.    When the plastic mold China gate type is determined, the control of melt temperature fluctuations will play a key role in the quality of plastic parts. In many cases, the phenomenon of burnt material, degradation or flow channel blockage is mostly caused by improper temperature control, especially for heat-sensitive plastics, which often require rapid and accurate response to temperature fluctuations.

For this reason, the heating element should be set reasonably to prevent local overheating, ensure the matching gap between the heating element and the runner plate or nozzle in China plastic mold, and minimize the heat loss. At the same time, the more advanced electronic thermostat should be selected as far as possible to meet the temperature control Claim.

4.    Temperature control for hot runner mould in injection molding machine is also important in your project for molding plastic injection part. In China injection plastic molding manufacturers, they have solid relation ship with many mould factory. For your each project, both sides (China injection molding machine factory and plastic injection molding manufacturer) will join your project together to discuss and study the technical problems and requirements for injection molding machine and hot runner moulds part. They find temperature control in hot runner mould depends on the mould and injection molding machine both design and fabrication. All in all injection molding machine should support mould factory’s mould design. For temperature control for hot runner mould in injection molding machine is the same reason.

5.    Hot runner mold tooling in injection molding machine’s purpose.

The purpose of the hot runner system is to inject the hot plastic from the nozzle of the injection molding machine through the hot runner with the same temperature and distribute the melt to the gates of the mold with a balanced pressure, so the temperature distribution of each runner heating zone should be calculated.

The offset of nozzle and sprue bushing center in plastic injection mold parts caused by thermal expansion should be caculated. That is, it should be ensured that the center lines of the hot (expanding) nozzle and the cold (no expansion) sprue bushing in plastic injection mold parts can be accurately positioned.

For this part of hot runner mold tooling purpose in injection molding machine is so important. Once the plastic to be distributed balanced in whole plastics molding when it is effected by injection molding machine not only can material reach the every angle od plastics molding but also save material. With this purpose hot runner plastics molding in injection molding machine is widely used.

6.    When you select hot runner plastics molding for injection molding machine, the heat radiation and direct contact (conduction) should be well calculated. And we hope you would be an expert in plastics molding and injection molding machine’s region.

The internally heated runner is surrounded and supported by the cooling mold sleeve, so the heat loss caused by heat radiation and direct contact (conduction) should be calculated as accurately as possible, otherwise, the actual runner diameter will be due to the runner The wall condensate layer thickens to become smaller.

7. Thermal insulation and withstand injection pressure’s factor should be taken into consideration when you select injection molding machine hot runner China mold.

Usually, spacers and supports are arranged between the runner plate and the template, which can bear withstand injection pressure to avoid material leakage from runner plate  deformation, and on the other hand, and also reduce heat loss.

8.    Last but not the least, the China mold maintenance for injection molding machine has a big significance. As we know injection molding machine has its own maintenance requirements, and China mold itself also has it is regularly perform preventive maintenance of hot runner components including electrical testing, inspection of sealing components and connecting wires, and cleaning of component dirt.

All in all when China mold and injection molding machine are perfectly connected, you will win the competitive market in production region. When China mold and Xinchen Brand China injection molding machines are both well selected, you are not only select the perfect combination but also the trust and reputation.

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