The Use of Neutron Function of Injection Molding Machine


Function selection: select the neutron function of injection molding machine, which is a reciprocating linear motion of pulling the core action. The twisting function is the demoulding operation of the rotary motion.

Control method: Stroke control is to use the injection molding machine stroke switch to control the distance of the contact core. Time control is set according to the time it takes to pull the ferrule. The twisting control is set according to the number of rotations required for mold demolding.

Template position: display the current position and size of the injection molding machine's mobile mold.

Action position: Set the position to which the mobile template will move and stop for neutron action. After the neutron action is completed, continue to move the template to the set template stop position.

The neutron action is determined by the injection molding machine mold structure, and the neutron function is needed or not. There are two methods of pulling the core of neutron and twisting teeth. The control methods include stroke, time and counting. Generally, the control method of reciprocating linear motion can be controlled by stroke or time. The twisting is controlled by the number of rotations. The cylinder core-pulling time is usually controlled. If using stroke control, the injection molding machine mold must be equipped with a stroke switch.

The setting principles of neutron pressure, speed, action time or position and twisting tooth count are the same as those of the supporting mold. When there are products in the injection molding machine mold, the pressure of core pulling and twisting is higher, and the flow rate is lower. When there is no product, the pressure can be set lower. The flow rate is a bit larger.

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