Injection Molding Machine Molding Pressure Parameters


1. Injection pressure

Injection pressure is the most important injection molding machine pressure parameter. It has a decisive effect on the fluidity of the molten rubber and the filling of the mold cavity. It also has a direct impact on the dimensional accuracy and quality of injection molded products. The injection molding machine injection pressure parameter setting is set according to different models.

Among the common models, there are generally first class, second class, and third class injection pressures. In the specific production, the pressure parameters should be reasonably selected and set according to the plastic raw materials and the specific molded product structure.

2. Setting of clamping pressure parameters

The injection molding machine clamping pressure is set from the beginning of low-pressure clamping, then high-pressure clamping, until the end of the clamping. The clamping action is divided into three stages. At the beginning of the injection molding machine clamping, the injection molding machine clamping pressure parameters required for the rapid movement of the template are set to save cycle time and improve efficiency.

When the clamping action is about to end, in order to protect the mold, remove the inertial impact, and reduce the injection molding machine clamping pressure value parameter. When the mold is completely closed, in order to achieve the preset clamping force, increase the setting value of the injection molding machine clamping pressure parameter.

3. Setting of holding pressure

Holding pressure is after the injection:
Continue to compact the molten rubber in the horizontal cavity, feed the gaps that appear in the mold cavity due to the cooling and molding shrinkage of the product, and make the product denser. The injection molding machine holding pressure ensures that the cavity pressure is constant until the gate is solidified.

The injection molding machine holding time is often set to control the injection molding machine holding pressure. The injection molding machine holding pressure determines the size of the parameter of the feeding displacement, and determines the consistency, uniformity, compactness and other weight properties of the product quality. It is very important to improve the product quality and production efficiency and significance. The general principle for setting the injection molding machine holding pressure parameters is that the holding pressure should be slightly less than the filling force, and the gate holding time should be longer than the curing time.

4. Setting of back pressure parameters

The back pressure is generated during the plasticization and metering process of the plastic raw material in the melt barrel. At the top of the screw and the front end of the melt, the pressure of the molten rubber when the injection molding machine screw rotates back is often called the plasticizing pressure. The back pressure injection molding machine female screw retreats too fast to ensure the uniformity and fineness of the plasticization process.

Properly setting the back pressure parameters can increase the internal stress of the molten rubber and improve the uniformity and mixing effect, and also improve the plasticizing ability of injection molding.

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