Technical Characteristics

  • Single line spiral plastic provided injecting equipment can process many products, plasticize in high capability, inject in high rate, and heat in material cartridge with cycles of electrical resistor. It uses the cold screw protection equipment that he screw won’t rotate only if the heated temperature not reach the set value.

  • It uses 5/9/13 fulcrums double joint poles mold lock equipment to move at high and stable speed.

  • The safe gate takes electrical and mechanical double insured equipment (mold can’t be closed when safe gate open) that makes the operation is safe .and stable.

  • The machine controlled by micro-computer which dominate rotation of hydraulic parts with automatic fault alarm runs stable and high automatized.

  • The hydraulic parts is set inside of machine, which makes the outer space more efficiently.

  • Hydraulic motor adjust mould device makes it easy and sound.