Company Culture

People Oriented and Honesty

  • Honesty

    Keep Promise and try hard to do everything

  • Diligence

    Be deligent, hard-working and perserving steadfast

  • Co-operation

    Communiocation inside and win-to-win benefit outside

  • Innovation

    Keep on learning to exceed and to meet challenges

Culture is the source of core competition energy, soul of development, Power of lasting and healthy drive for a company.

People Oriented and Honesty——It is the subject role and purpose position of human in the development of society and history; It is a kind of value orientation, emphasizing to respect person and to liberate person via depending on person and for person; It is a way of thinking, that is, in the analysis and solution of all problems, we should adhere to both the historical scale and the human scale.

Enterprise good faith culture——Honesty is base of company's existence and development.